Archintegration strength lies in the fact that we can design from a broad perspective by collaborating experts such as architecture, designer and environment. Based on the firm’s philosophy, we pursue those architectural designs that lead to a competitive world.

For every project, we assemble a team of professional experts includes engineers, planners, and architects. We make innovative and unprecedented proposals for our clients created by the experts and experience of each member. We have large experience in projects that require special and latest technologies such as building, complex planning, and research facilities. Through Urban design and architecture, we contribute to the earth’s environment that leads to healthy and cultural lifestyle.


Archintegration is the leading Indian interior design company. Interior designing is imperative for the creation of work style and lifestyle in this modern world. While designing, we extremely believe that along with decorativeness and aesthetics, functionality is also more important. We provide unique and purified senses of designs and trends to the clients. All the designs proposed by Archintegration are based on the technology and experience in every field. Our main motive is to provide high-quality designs and indicative interior solutions that exceed the expectations of the clients.


Our company has a variety of experts such as planners, engineers and architects, who can provide good proposals for designing for buildings and interiors to different cities. While considering the lifecycle of different cities, we maximize clients’ management’s resources by providing solutions and working closely with them.


Proper planning allows us to bring together a team of landscape architects , planners, interior designers and architects. Archintegration helps the clients through creation of proper master plan and frame that vision in such a way that  move project forward.